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A Scripture Prayer for Our Loved Ones

I have three adult married kids. None live locally, so we stay in touch through phone calls, emails, Facebook, and What’s App. I like to know what’s happening in their lives so I can pray specifically, but they get busy with their families and their work and don’t always think (or want) to tell me about the challenges they’re facing.

When they were young, I often felt like a parrot repeating the same prayer: “God bless my kids and keep them safe.” Everything changed when I learned how to use Scripture as the basis for my prayers. I soon realized the power in aligning my requests with God’s heart as revealed in His Word.

One of my favorite prayers came from Matthew 22:37-38. “And he [Jesus] said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment.” (ESV)

Since Jesus spoke this directive and called it the first and greatest commandment, I knew it was ultra-important. I wanted my kids to love God with every part of their heart, soul, and mind. If they did, I reasoned, then everything else would fall into place. Their love for God would govern their attitudes, priorities, goals, passions—everything.


A Scripture prayer for those we love

I still pray Matthew 22:37-38 for my kids, and now I pray it for my grandchildren as well.

I want those I love to make wise decisions, demonstrate humility and practice generosity. I want them to live with integrity, prove themselves trustworthy, and demonstrate compassion for others. Loving the Lord with every part of who they are will play a role in their developing these qualities.

Unlike my generic, parrot-like prayer, “Bless my kids and keep them safe,” Jesus’ words found in Matthew 22:37-38 are rich and packed with life-changing truth. God’s Word is powerful and alive, and it’s chock-full of verses to use as the basis for our prayers. Used correctly, it’s a mighty weapon that accomplishes much in the heavenly realm. So, praying Scripture for those we love carries a power we can’t comprehend.

Using Scripture, we can bring our requests before God with confidence that we’re praying according to His will, and we can expect great results.

Are you familiar with praying Scripture? If so, please share one that you pray for those you love.

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