My heart aches for Ukraine not only because of the travesties it is experiencing but also because my heritage lies within its borders. My maternal great-grandfather was a millworker who one day received a message that summoned him and a coworker to a meeting in a nearby city. The two men complied but were never seen again. Two years later, my great-grandmother emigrated to Canada with her children and the few belongings they could carry. My grandmother, the eldest, was twelve years old.


When Ukraine was under Russian control, my paternal grandfather fought in the army against his will. He defected by hiding in a haystack. Russian soldiers pierced the haystack with pitchforks in search of him, but he miraculously escaped injury. My father was born several years later, and the family escaped to Canada when he was an infant.


Distant relatives whom I’ve never met still live in Ukraine. I have no idea where they are now or how they’re doing, but I can pray for them and the millions under attack. I invite you to pray for the land of Ukraine, too. Here are 30 focused prayers to use as a guide. Let’s come boldly to the throne of God knowing He hears our cries.

Download “30 Prayers for Ukraine”