Global Worker

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Admiring Romanian handiwork

Cross-cultural ministry has played a major role in my life. When I was a child, my mom invited missionaries into our home for meals and overnight stays. Their stories intrigued me and created within me a desire to tell others about Jesus.

I attended Prairie College following high school graduation—a school known for its missions emphasis. Several years later, I met and married Gene Fox. Together we ministered in Nepal for nearly three years—Gene used his civil engineering skills to help develop a hydro-electric power project, and I taught basic healthcare. That season ended in 1985 when our daughter was born with major medical issues.

From 1996-2007 our family lived and worked at a year-round Christian camp on Quadra Island, B.C. Then, in 2007, God changed our direction again when the USA-based ministry International Messengers asked us to launch a Canadian office.

One of our main roles is to recruit, train, and lead two-week ministry teams to host evangelistic family camps in countries including Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. We partner with approximately 225 career missionaries in 26 countries, supplying them with North American English speakers needed to help them enhance their ministries.

One of the ministries with which International Messengers works is called River of Life. This ministry, located in Romania, provides a home for at-risk mothers and their children and senior women. We’re always looking for volunteers to lend a hand!  [Watch Video]

Our ministry also works among university students, abused women and children, teens and young adults living with HIV/AIDS in Romania, the Roma people in Slovakia, and the homeless in Poland. We provide two-week ministry opportunities, six-week and two-year internships, and career opportunities.

Contact our office for more information and to learn about how you can participate.

U.S.A. residents:

“Grace Fox lives up to her name—gently offering God’s grace while prodding us to greater commitment and a deeper walk with Him… She engages people from all backgrounds and draws each one in through her winsome Canadian lilt and winning smile.”

-Lucinda Secrest McDowell — Author, Role of a Lifetime,