A frequently asked question is, “When and how did you start writing?”

Here’s the answer: When I was a senior in Bible college, someone asked me what I’d like to do with my life. I thought about my answer and then journaled a list—”Be a missionary. Get married and have a family. Be a writer.”

Be a writer? I wasn’t sure where that thought originated or what it meant, but it sounded exciting so I tucked it into a mental back pocket. There it stayed for more than 30 years while life happened.

I married, became a missionary to Nepal, and a mother of three. Life consumed me, especially when my second child was born with hydrocephalus and required multiple surgeries and occupational therapy.

During this time, however, my desire to write began to grow. And as it did, I prayed, “God, is this desire from You? If so, show me when it’s time to start and what You want me to write about.”

He answered my prayer. First, I tried designing greeting cards. Not knowing what to do with them, I googled the words “Christian greeting card publishers.” The result led me to the Florida Christian Writers Conference website. That was the first I’d heard of such a conference, and I sensed a divine nudge to go. The thought scared me, but the nudge persisted until I registered and bought an airline ticket to cross the continent.

That was in 1999. My greeting cards received polite rejections, but I refused to let that discourage me. I attended the workshops about writing magazine articles, soaked up the teachers’ words, and began to write for publication. Articles came first (mostly profiles), and books followed. My first book, 10-Minute Time Outs for Moms, hit the shelves in 2005.

Another FAQ is, “Why do you write?”

I believe my writing ability is a God-given gift and He expects me to use it. Each time I’ve felt like quitting, He’s sent me encouragement through readers. The messages have all been similar:

“Your book has changed my life. Please keep writing.”

On one occasion I prayed, “Lord, if You want me to invest my time, energy, and abilities somewhere else, then please confirm that for me today.”

My phone rang five hours later. A woman—a stranger to me—said, “I’ve never phoned an author before. Please don’t think I’m a whacko or a groupie. I read your book Moving From Fear to Freedom and it changed my life. Today I felt compelled to call you and urge you to please keep writing. We need to hear the truth.”

I’ve not doubted my calling since. The way I figure, God has made it abundantly clear that I’m to write, and He’ll make it clear when it’s time to stop.

My articles have been published in more than 40 different magazines including Focus on the Family, Insights Canada, Power for Living, Today’s Christian Woman, War Cry, and Reader’s Digest.

As an author, I’ve published several books with Harvest House Publishers. My work appears in compilations including Hot Apple Cider, Created for Connection (a Liberty University textbook), the Guideposts annual devotional Mornings With Jesus, and the Guideposts Mornings With Jesus Daily Bible. My latest devotional, Keeping Hope Alive: Devotions for Strength in the Storm,  was released in 2022 by Aspire Press.

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