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Grace Fox Onesheet (Printable one-page PDF that overviews Grace’s speaking topics, credentials, and clients)

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“Such a pleasure to have Grace on our show. I just love her tone and heart—I can sense it even in how she speaks!”

-Carol Doyel, host of, BlogTalk Radio

Scheduling an Interview

Contact Don Otis at Veritas Communications:

Interview Questions

Download a PDF of suggested interview questions for Finding Hope in Crisis.

Television Interviews

[Watch] 100 Huntley Street: Reading God’s Word helps us connect the dots between faith and real life.
[Watch] The Leon Fontaine Show: How can we move from fear to freedom?
[Watch] The Leon Fontaine Show: How to connect with a child’s heart.
[Watch] The Leon Fontaine Show: Why spending time in God’s Word enables us to experience joy, peace, and freedom.
[Watch] 100 Huntley Street: What is Peace?
[Watch] 100 Huntley Street: Overcoming Fear
[Watch] 100 Huntley Street: The Upside to Fear
[Watch] It’s a New Day: Moving from Fear to Freedom
[Watch] It’s a New Day: 10-Minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids
[Watch] InSight: What Are You Worried About?

Radio Interviews

WMPC Radio, Off the Bookshelf [Listen]
Getting Good at Life with host Dr. Carolyn Miller [Listen]
KRVR Radio, The River [Listen]
The Debbie Chavez Show
Living Better at 50+
with host Carol Doyel [Listen]
Focus on the Family’s Weekend Magazine
Renewal Radio
with Dr. Gene Getz
WMBI Radio, The Morning ShowMoody Broadcasting
FamilyLife Today
with Dennis Rainey and Bob LePine—Little Rock, AK
Moody Radio, Special SpotsChicago, IL
100.7 KGFT, Life TodayColorado Springs, CO
Word FM, John and StephaniePittsburgh, PA
KRKS Radio, Divine Calling with Stephanie Riggs—Denver/Boulder, CO
KTIS Radio, Live the Promise with Susie Larson—Minneapolis, MN

Additional Television Interviews

Homekeepers—Arthelene Rippy
Full Circle
It’s Time for Herman and Sharron
The Harvest Show
Time Out for Women
His Place
The Bridge

Additional Radio Interviews

The Debbie Chavez Show—Bellingham, WA
KKMS Live! With Jeff and Lee—Eagan, MN
KBJS Live Interviews—Jacksonville, TX
M88, Rawtalk—Albuquerque, NM
Faith FM—Brad Loveday
WWJC Radio, Northland Notebook—Duluth, MN
KXVI Live, The Valder Beebe Show—Dallas, TX
WBCL Radio, Mid Morning – Help Yourself—Fort Wayne, IN
WRVL, The Afternoon Get Together—Lynchburg, VA
WBFJ Radio, Morning Show—Winston-Salem, NC
KCFY 88.1 FM, PM Magazine—Yuma, AZ
KBIQ Radio, Morning Show—Colorado Springs, CO
Premier Christian Radio – Chris Kimberley, producer – London, UK
105.9 SHINE FM—Edmonton, AB
KEAR Radio, The Family Room—Oakland, CA
WLJN Radio 89.9 FM/AM 1400, Book Gems—Travers City, MI
KFLQ 91.5 FM Radio, Midday Café—Albuquerque, NM
WMUZ Radio, The Bob Dutko Show—Detroit, MI
KBGS, Live Interviews—Jacksonville, TX
WCTS 1030 AM Radio, Christianity in a Changing Culture—Plymouth, MN
UCB Radio, Rise and Shine—Belleville, ON
Christian Family Radio, The Morning Blend—Appleton, WI
KGMI Radio, The Connection—Bellingham, WA
WKTO Radio, Daily Moments—New Smyrna Beach, FL
KAJN Radio, Cajun Talk—Baton Rouge, LO
Lifetalk Radio, Steve Gallimore Live—Collegedale, TN
WMUZ Radio, Innervision—Detroit, MI
WWJC Radio, Northland Notebook—Duluth, MN
WMPH Radio, Heart to Heart—Norfolk, VA
WHKW Radio, Living the Word—Cleveland, OH
KGMS Radio, Woman to Woman—Tucson, AZ
KNEO Radio, Author’s Corner—Joplin, MI
WRFD Radio, Mission America—Cleveland, OH
WMPC Radio, Off the Bookshelf—Lapeer, MI
CHVN Radio, The Morning Show—Winnipeg, MB
WWIP Radio, Heart to Heart—Norfolk, VA
WCTS Radio, Christianity in a Changing Culture—Minneapolis, MN
FamilyLife Radio, The Arizona Morning Show—AZ
WMBI Radio, This is the Day!—Chicago, IL
WYLL Radio—180 with Karl Clauson—Chicago, IL