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Scripture-Based Prayers
A simple strategy for praying for others — from head to toe!

Overcoming Fear of the Future
Life is filled with courage-testing situations, but in the midst of them, God promises that His presence goes with us and He’ll fight our battles for us.

Quiet Time With God: 8 Ways to Keep Your Devotions Vibrant
Spending quiet time with God is a discipline. But this discipline doesn’t have to be a duty. Rather, it can be a delight.

“Who, Me?” Overcoming the Fear of Inadequacy
How to identify, develop, use, and value your unique abilities… and cheer other women along as they use theirs.

What God’s Word Says About Overcoming Fear
Fear is a common issue for men and women alike. In fact, God’s Word addresses it 366 times! This article includes Scriptures I’ve found helpful when I’ve felt afraid.

Fear Busters
Eight practical tips for focusing our minds on God rather than on those situations that strike fear into our hearts.


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