Retreat Packages

These 3-4 session packages can be adjusted to fit your group’s needs. I ensure my presentations are applicable to diverse audiences (a wide age range, marrieds, singles, cross-cultural), and I’m experienced at speaking through translators.

“Many women attending a conference at Ness Lake Bible Camp were privileged to sit back and enjoy the touching and challenging words presented by Grace.

Grace spoke on humility, forgiveness, love, and thankfulness. She presented these topics beautifully with Biblical references, personal experiences and a touch of humor. Grace has an amazing way of speaking so that women of all ages are fully engaged. After each session with Grace, groups of women were seen sitting together discussing what they took from her words and how they were encouraged, challenged and impacted by them.  God is doing an amazing work through Grace!  We would be thrilled to have Grace return to Ness Lake another year.”

-Dayna Penson — Event Coordinator, Ness Lake Bible Camp

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Fearless Faith

This package helps women identify their fears and gives them biblical teaching and practical strategies for overcoming them. Audiences learn how to:

  • Face life’s storms with an attitude of anticipation and worship rather than dread.
  • Rise above the fear of inadequacy to embrace new opportunities and pursue God-given dreams
  • Conquer guilt and the fear of rejection, turning past failures and disappointments into opportunities for growth and ministry.

This package focuses on Isaiah 40:28-31. The word “SOAR” is an acronym that’s stressed throughout the weekend. Attendees will…

  • Discover four qualities of a woman who “soars” and learn how to develop them personally. (Strong, Obedient, Alert, Risk-Taking)
  • Identify six contributing factors to weariness and learn practical strategies for overcoming them.
  • Learn what it means to wait on the Lord and how doing so ensures the fulfillment of our God-given purpose.
  • Discover truths about God’s strength and how He honors those who acknowledge their need for Him.

This package can be adapted for a single presentation as well as 3-5 sessions for a retreat or conference.

Passport to Freedom

This travel theme makes decorating fun! Attendees will…

  • Learn how to navigate and appreciate, rather than fear, the detours and storms along our life’s journey.
  • Make the most of their journey by recognizing the unique strengths they bring to fellow travelers.
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from leaving excess baggage behind.
  • Commit their well-being to a Pilot who’s wise and trustworthy.
Born to S.H.O.P.

God created us for relationship with Himself, and He wants us to Serve Him On Purpose. Audiences will…

  • Learn how to discover their spiritual gifts so they can experience the fulfillment that comes from using them.
  • Be motivated to make friendship with Jesus a priority.
  • Learn to overcome worry and, instead, trust their lives and loved ones into the Creator’s care.
Beautiful You! (Mother-Daughter Retreat)

This interactive package reminds moms and daughters of the qualities God considers lovely and shows how to model them. Audiences learn to:

  • Identify and overcome the fear of inadequacy and discover their God-given potential.
  • Focus on developing godly character qualities such as integrity and purity rather than on succumbing to society’s values that say the opposite is sweet.
  • Discover the adventure of pursuing God’s unique purpose for their lives rather than trying to fit into the mold of others’ expectations.
Leadership by God’s Design

This 3-session package is designed for women in leadership positions—Sunday school teachers, pastors’ wives, non-profit and para-church organization staff, and more. Audiences learn to…

  • Identify reasons for discouragement and develop strategies for overcoming them.
  • Identify misperceptions about leadership and replace them with Biblical teaching.
  • Focus their efforts by developing a mission statement.
NEW! Joy

This package adds an interactive touch and teaches women how to…

  • learn practical strategies for experiencing joy in the midst of a busy life.
  • discover truths about forgiveness and how they relate to joy.
  • choose joy in the midst of life’s hard places despite emotions telling them to do otherwise.
  • experience joy by showing them how it’s directly related to obeying Christ.
  • find joy in Jesus’s presence by using spiritual disciplines as the portal to intimacy with Him.
NEW! Finding Hope in the Heart of God

Based on 1 Peter 5:6-11, this package brings hope by helping women…

  • grasp the depth of God’s amazing love for them. He sees them and hears their cries.
  • develop a biblical perspective of who God is and what He’s done on their behalf.
  • discover freedom from Satan’s lies about their identity by exchanging them for the truth about how God views them.
  • learn practical strategies to grow in intimacy with Christ so they can experience renewed strength and courage no matter what.

“Grace has a unique gift for making each woman feel as though she’s sitting at the table sharing life stories with a good friend… She’s not afraid to talk about her faith and her best friend Jesus. She leaves you craving more.”

-Janet Boivin — Women’s ministry director, South Delta Baptist Church, Delta, BC