Single Presentations

The topics listed below can be fashioned to fit the needs of your group. Just ask!

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Based on Isaiah 40:28-31, this presentation defines four characteristics of the woman who soars—she is strong, obedient, alert, and risk-taking. Audiences discover…

  • How Esther’s life demonstrated these qualities.
  • How to develop these characteristics in their own lives.

I share anecdotes from my own life to show audiences how to make the application personal.

Spa for the Soul

This presentation explores the secret to maintaining a spirit of serenity in the midst of a hectic schedule. Audiences learn to…

  • Regard their relationship with Christ as a friendship to be cherished rather than an obligation to be fulfilled.
  • Value the discipline of seeking silence rather than viewing it as “one more thing” on their agenda.
  • Face life’s demands and challenges with confidence and courage.
Power-Packed Prayers

This workshop equips women to pray more effectively by teaching them to pray Scripture. Audiences learn to…

  • Identify God’s promises and grow in courage as they learn to apply them to everyday life.
  • Pray according to God’s will rather than according to personal desires that are sometimes self-centered or short-sighted.
  • Pray in faith believing God can do the impossible.
If Teacups Could Talk

This session includes delightful visual aids and helps women learn to:

  • Embrace relationships with women who differ than them.
  • Enjoy the genuine fellowship that results from transparency.
  • Experience the joy that comes from maintaining friendships despite the prickles of various personalities.
Tips for the Lips

Are our lips an asset, or do they need a makeover? Using biblical teaching and relevant anecdotes, this session helps women to:

  • Discover the joy that comes from expressing words of thanksgiving even when they don’t feel like it.
  • Refuse the temptation to gossip and instead, speak words that build unity among family members and fellow employees.
  • Inspire hope in those who are feeling downcast by sharing words of encouragement.
More Than Toys and Tinsel

This Christmas message explores five aspects of Christmas that begin with the letter T – toys, tinsel, traditions, ties, and truth. It’s warm, engaging, and it clearly presents the Gospel. Audiences discover…

  • Practical ways to connect with family and friends at Christmas.
  • Fun traditions to incorporate.
  • Encouragement in knowing the truth about Christmas—the Jesus is the reason we celebrate. They will gain a deeper understanding of His role in our lives as Immanuel, eternal Father, mighty God, wonderful Counselor, and Prince of Peace.
Seven Secrets of Red-Hot Love

Ideal for a couples’ night out. Gene joins me for this presentation. We share lots of practical tips and personal anecdotes, some learned the hard way. Audiences learn to…

  • Identify and appreciate the differences between men and women and more specifically, between them and their spouse.
  • Identify and speak each other’s love language.
  • Practice the principle of honor—the key to having meaningful relationships.
The Sanctity of Human Life

God values human life no matter what, and so should we. This message, filled with biblical teaching, insights from experts, and personal anecdotes, helps audiences to…

  • Align themselves with God’s heart on this issue.
  • Recognize misperceptions about those with special needs and develop appreciation for their uniqueness instead.
NEW! Learning the Lifestyle of Thanksgiving

Based on Luke 17:11-19, this message reveals the importance of and blessing for expressing thanks to the Lord for all He’s done. It features an acronym for “thanks” that helps audiences remember practical strategies to develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

NEW! We are Ambassadors

Ideal for a missions theme! Based on 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, this message first defines what an ambassador is and does. Then it shows how Christ lived as an ambassador and how His followers can do the same in everyday life.

NEW! Flourish! (This session can be turned into a retreat package)

Based on Jeremiah 17:7-8, this message presents seven choices women can make in order to flourish. Filled with practical suggestions and personal anecdotes, this presentation is truly life-changing.

NEW! Come Empty; Be Filled

Ideal for ministry leaders, but reaffirming for women from all walks of life who struggle with feeling “not enough.” Using personal anecdotes, biblical truths, and five action steps, Grace shows audiences how to overcome feelings of inadequacy for confidence in their calling.

If desired, Grace will provide small group discussion questions for your event.

“Grace keynoted at our conference and ministered to women of all ages, married and single, and ethnically diverse. We sensed the Holy Spirit’s presence and felt empowered to walk in new levels of fearless faith.”

-Reverend Ruth Blight — Women’s ministry leader, Cariboo Road Christian Church, Burnaby, BC