Speaking FAQ

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1. At what types of events do you speak?
I keynote at women’s conferences, weekend retreats, missions’ conferences, and events for women in ministry leadership positions.

2. Do you speak at mid-week events?

Do you accept U.S. and international invitations?
Yes. U.S. and international groups wishing to book me for an event can fill out the Speaking Request Form.

4. Will you help us plan our event?
Due to time constraints, I cannot lend individual help to each event. However, you’ll find a free tip sheet on my website. I’ll also be happy to send a few suggested worship songs to fit the theme of each session upon request. If you’re hosting a weekend event with multiple sessions, I’ll discuss with you the option of having small group discussions and provide you with the questions.

5. Can our leadership team meet with you prior to our event, or prior to deciding whether or not we want to extend a formal invitation?
I wish I could accommodate every such request, but doing so isn’t feasible due to multiple demands on my time and my heavy travel schedule.

6. Is it true that you’re an ambassador for World Vision?
Yes. I sponsor two WV children and am a firm believer in sharing God’s passion to care for the poor, the orphaned, the defenseless, and the widows.

7. What’s required from our group if you represent World Vision here?
Several things are required in order for World Vision to sponsor your event:

  • For a weekend event, I am allowed two 5-minute segments to explain the WV sponsorship program and tell about my experience as a child sponsor. I’ll discuss your event’s schedule with you and decide where it’s best to include this information. One of these segments includes a 2-minute video, so please ensure viewing capability.
  • For a single event, I’m allowed one 5-7 minute segment to explain WV sponsorship.
  • A 6-8′ table to display the World Vision children’s photo folders.
  • World Vision’s logo is placed on your event-related print materials. I will supply you with the logo.
  • Your group pays a portion of my honorarium plus my travel-related expenses (airfare where applicable or 40 cents/km if I drive my own vehicle, airport parking, ferry fees, taxi where applicable, accommodation, and meals.)
  • Depending on the size of your event, I might need a volunteer for the WV table.

8. How does our group benefit if you represent World Vision at our event?
Your group will benefit in these ways:

  • World Vision pays a portion of my honorarium. Your financial cost is reduced, making your event more affordable.
  • Your women will be challenged to value what God values. When they embrace what’s dear to God’s heart, their priorities will change and they’ll be more apt to participate in your programs. This strengthens the local church.

It’s a win-win-win situation—ministry happens for your group at a reduced cost, impoverished children receive life-transforming aid, and my expenses are covered so I can continue to do North American and overseas ministry.


9. What topics do you address?
My passion is to connect the dots between faith and real life for my audiences because I want to see women flourish. As a result, I address issues that apply to most women such as overcoming the fear of inadequacy or rejection, surviving and thriving through life’s storms, recognizing and developing one’s spiritual gifts, and practicing forgiveness and thanksgiving. My audiences often include women of all ages – teens through 80s, married and singles – so I strive to ensure my presentations have something for everyone.

I also address themes based on nearly 20 years experience in career ministry, both overseas and in North America. These topics include effective leadership, cross-cultural ministry, and dealing with disappointment in ministry.

My speaking topics are listed here.

10. What if our group wants a topic that’s not listed on your site?
I’ll try my best to accommodate you, however, sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow the hours necessary to prepare a new retreat package. As you consider your themes, especially for a weekend retreat, know that my existing topics allow me to speak from my passion, where God has done the deepest work in my heart. My books, written on the same topics, are considered as discipleship tools to continue promoting spiritual growth in the women’s lives after the event is over.


11. What are your speaking fees?
My fee varies based on how many times you want me to speak and the travel time involved to reach your location. That said, I try to work with your budget as much as possible. If you choose to give me a formal invitation, specify your honorarium on the Speaking Request Form.

12. What other expenses might we incur if we invite you to speak?
Groups are responsible for all travel expenses. These may include: airfare (economy class and hopefully on a seat sale), car travel (40 cents/km), ferry costs, airport parking, ferry parking, rental car, overnight accommodation, meals and gratuities. Also, photocopying expenses for handouts.

13. What airport do you use?
I prefer to use the Abbotsford airport. If there’s a significant difference in cost, I can fly from Vancouver. For U.S. destinations, I fly from Seattle.

14. Is it okay for us to billet you in a private home rather than pay for a hotel room if our budget is really tight?
My personal preference is to stay in a hotel because that allows me the freedom to prepare for the event, rest, and move about without the worry of disturbing someone else especially if I can’t sleep at night or want to rise early. However, if billeting would make an event more do-able for your group, I’ll be happy to work with that provided the home provides the ability for me to rest properly.

Booking Grace

15. We’d like to invite you to speak at our event but we have a few questions to ask. What should we do?
Simply fill out the Speaking Request Form and you’ll receive answers within a couple of days.

16. How do we book you?
U.S. and international groups—fill out the Speaking Request Form. If I’m able to accommodate your request, you’ll receive an agreement to sign and return along with a non-refundable deposit. Your date is confirmed on my calendar after I receive the signed agreement and deposit.

17. How far in advance do we need to book you?
My schedule is generally set about 12-18 months in advance. Sometimes a previously scheduled weekend suddenly opens up, which makes it possible to minister to a different group on short notice. Check my itinerary for availability.

18. What happens in the event of a cancellation?
A standard cancellation policy is written into the event agreement. If I cancel due to illness or an emergency (highly unlikely), I’ll return your deposit and either try to set another date with you or suggest another speaker.

19. What if we’re unsure of an exact date?
You’re welcome to submit a few options in your initial inquiry and I’ll let you know which dates will work with my calendar.

20. We’d like to confirm whether or not you’re available for a specific date but we’re considering other speakers, too. What should we do?
Feel free to submit the Speaking Request Form. I’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot assure my availability to a group that has not extended a formal invitation.

21. Can we phone your office with our speaking request?
All requests must follow the outlined steps so I can process them as efficiently as possible. Also, because I spend several weeks at a time overseas, the best way to have your questions answered is via email.


22. Will you critique my writing and give me suggestions about where to submit it?
If you’re seriously interested in pursuing writing for publication, then consider my writing mentoring program, “Striving for Excellence in Written Communication”.

23. We want to hear you speak. How can we do this?
You can listen to a sample of my speaking and my media interviews on this website, or you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter, “Growing With Grace,” and follow my itinerary there to hear me in person. That said, if your committee would prefer a CD, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

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