Writing Workshops

I attended my first writers’ conference in 1999. When I returned home, my husband met me at the door and asked, “So, what did you learn?”

Big mistake. I kept him up until 2 A.M., telling him about editors and articles and query letters and the like. He nodded and smiled and tried his best to share my enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm remains today. I love teaching classes for new writers and helping them take their first steps.

Here’s a list of the conferences where I’ve taught:

  • Oregon Christian Writers Conference – May 2016
  • Write! West Coast – May 2016
  • InScribe 2001, 2011
  • Vancouver Island Homeshool Convention 2002
  • Write! Vancouver Island 2003
  • Seattle Christian Writers Renewal Conference 2004, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015
  • Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference 2005, 2006
  • Write! Canada 2007, 2011, 2012


  • Writing Tight and Dynamic Devotionals
  • 10 Top Tips for New Writers
  • Breaking into the Magazine Market
  • Basic Self-Editing
  • Writing a Catchy Query Letter
  • Develop an Effective Writing Ministry
  • Spiritual Journaling
  • From Interviews to Articles

Keynote Presentations

  • Changing the World With Words
  • 4 Qualities of Successful Writers

“As a public speaker, Grace has an abundance of enthusiasm, wit and wisdom, and a sincere heart that lets listeners know she genuinely cares about them. Our people were truly delighted by Grace’s presentations and eager to hear more. And they were just as delighted by her kindness and warmth between her speeches and after the program was over. Grace Fox is the real deal, and we’re grateful she came our way.”

– Donald W. White, Oregon Christian Writers

“Grace Fox is one of the most approachable master teachers I have ever known. She’s clear, concise, and especially optimistic and affirming with beginners. She possesses the patience and discernment to guide them to success. People gravitate to Grace, and as her name implies, receive from her the blessing of a generous spirit and industry-tested expertise. She’s a real gem.”

– Clint Kelly, Novelist/Communications Specialist/Former Program Coordinator, Northwest Christian Writers Renewal