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Keep Praying!

Samuel pleaded to the Lord on the Israelites’ behalf. Here’s a list of people/needs that we can plead for today.

The Human Heart is a Bit Skewed Sometimes

I’m not a trained psychologist, but it doesn’t take a degree to figure out that the human heart is a bit skewed sometimes. Take Saul, for example. When God decided to settle accounts with the Amalekite nation for opposing Israel when they came from Egypt, He gave Saul specific orders: “Now go and completely destroy the… [ read more ]

The Beauty of Meanwhile: A Glimpse of God’s Work Behind-the-Scenes

Sometimes life leaves us baffled or bruised. We wonder if God is as wise as He claims to be, and we question why circumstances don’t happen how and when we wish they would. When I feel this way, I take courage from the Scriptures. Recently I read about the prophet Samuel’s boyhood. One word—meanwhile—popped up… [ read more ]


Today’s society puts ‘way too much emphasis on perfect skin, don’t you think? You’ve gotta be blemish-free to be beautiful, so you’d better take out a loan and start collecting soaps, creams, and concealers. I remember my terrible teens—those days when my skin broke out and declared itself my personal foe. I spent all my… [ read more ]

3 Characteristics of True Friendship

What does true friendship really look like? I guarantee it runs deeper than Facebook. Here are three characteristics that I glean from the friendship between David and Jonathan: “One day near Horesh, David received the news that Saul was on the way to Ziph to search for him and kill him. Jonathan went to find… [ read more ]