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Highlights from 2010

I’m gettin’ ready to kiss 2010 goodbye. Here are some highlights it held: The birth of our third grandchild, Caleb Matthew. Watching our other grandchildren’s personalities develop and enjoying building relationships with them. Our youngest daughter boomeranged home to attend university. Our son-in-law landed a job that pays more and provides more fulfillment than the… [ read more ]

Happy New Year!

Last night was beyond incredible when Urbana ’09 climaxed with approximately 17,000 men and women sharing communion. It was a taste of heaven – men and women representing nations from around the globe celebrating Jesus together. What a way to end 2009 and to ring in the New Year! How did you spend New Year’s… [ read more ]

Remembering Your Journey

Where has life’s journey taken you? Undoubtedly your path has led to a few mountaintops and through a few valleys. In some cases, it’s probably taken an unexpected detour or two – some delightful, others not. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, can you identify places along your journey where God has proven Himself… [ read more ]