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When the Wasp Stung

My oh my, what a week it’s been! On Wednesday a wasp stung my husband near his right eye while he was trying to clear out the insect’s nest (some of you may have read about it on FB). He’s been stung before. No big deal. He continued the yardwork, cleaned up his tools, and… [ read more ]

God is on Our Side

This morning started early with a radio interview at 5:15 (the station was in Ohio, on ET). A second interview followed at 8:30. Both hosts wanted to discuss fear. How timely, considering that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and media had splashed the word fear across radio and TV for the past few… [ read more ]

9/11 Thoughts

I was fixing breakfast for my family when my husband walked into the kitchen with an odd look on his face. “A radio announcer said that an airplane just slammed into one of the Twin Towers in New York,” he said. “I wonder how that happened.” “What kind of plane?” I asked. “I dunno –… [ read more ]