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The Foibles of Human Logic

I’m sitting in the board room of “FamilyLife Today” in Little Rock, Arkansas, as I write this. Quite frankly, this feels like a surreal experience. Years ago I was a stay-at-home mom who padded our family’s budget by cleaning other people’s homes. Later, after we entered a year-round Christian camping ministry, I scrubbed pots and… [ read more ]

Newsborn's Body Recovered at Dump — Part 1/2

The Province’s headline dated Tuesday, February 9 grips me and demands a response. The story tells of a 20-year-old unmarried woman who delivered a full-term baby boy in her boyfriend’s bathroom as he slept on the couch. When the boyfriend woke, she told him that she’d miscarried. They wrapped the baby’s body in a towel,… [ read more ]

Freedom From Prison

Last weekend I received an email from a woman who has struggled with anorexia for 35 years. “I’m desperate,” she wrote. “Please, can you share any insights with me? Can you tell me where to find help?” This woman feels like she’s in a prison. And for good reason. She’s been trapped by untruths that… [ read more ]

Despair vs. Hope

October has been a busy month filled with speaking at retreats and conferences. Everywhere I’ve gone, the same thing has happened – people have told me about their personal struggles or heartaches. This month I’ve heard numerous stories of marriages breaking up for various reasons. I’ve met a couple of young widows whose husbands were… [ read more ]

Peer Pressure

As a kid, did you ever succumb to peer pressure? I did. I remember hiding in the bushes, stealing puffs on cigarettes in eighth grade – trying hard to impress the most popular girl in my grade. I wanted to be like her, so I was willing to play the game of life by her… [ read more ]