Conntecting the Dots

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The Name of Jesus—Our Key to Victory and Hope

  A recent news broadcast said that a Texan community of 4300 has seen an outbreak of HIV/AIDS due to drug addicts sharing needles. It seems approximately 130 people have contracted the disease in the past half year. The broadcast also said that local believers, recognizing the spiritual element to this epidemic, have decided to… [ read more ]

Family Camp Schedule

Our Polish family camp was held in the city of Karpacz. It reminds me of Banff, Alberta – an alpine tourist destination with fun things to see and do. It offers a perfect getaway for folks seeking a family vacation, and it provides a wonderful place to host our camp. The word camp often conveys… [ read more ]

My Forgetfulness…and God's Faithfulness

Forgive me for not blogging on Friday. I could say it was because H1N1 flattened me, or that aliens abducted me, or that my computer crashed…but I’d be lying. Nothing so dramatic or traumatic happened. Believe it or not, I simply forgot. What happened? I think the explanation is an easy one. It’s a combo… [ read more ]

Avoid the Traps!

I must admit – I often go from day to day without ever giving Jesus’ imminent return a second thought. While I know it’s going to happen (by the looks of things, it may be sooner than later) I seem to race through life with no serious consideration that it could be TODAY! Luke 21:34-36… [ read more ]