Conntecting the Dots

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What the World Needs Now

Years ago, a lilting tune said that the world needed love, sweet love. The writer said love was the only thing of which there was too little. A simple tune, it was, but its simplicity carried a powerful message.   Truth be told, I’ve been so busy writing the new book that I was going… [ read more ]

Why We Need to Stop Making Excuses

  We humans are pros at making excuses for just about anything, especially when we want to cover our weak spots or hide the dark corners of our hearts. Years ago I spoke with a church leader who’d recently left his wife of 28 years. The deacons had already spent time with him, too. We… [ read more ]

'I'm Okay, You're Okay' is Not Okay

Though it is true we are not to judge others based on our own opinions or personal values, neither are we to toss out the absolutes of God’s Word in fear of being considered intolerant.