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Doing Life According to Our Own Ideas

Speaking at women’s retreats gives me many opportunities to hear heart-breaking stories. Some gals tell me about being abandoned by their husbands. Some admit, with great remorse, to having an affair or choosing to abort their child. Some have suffered physical or sexual abuse. There’s no end to the list of hurts they suffer. Sometimes… [ read more ]

The Golden Rule

“Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you” (Matthew 7:12). I read these familiar words and screech to a mental halt. A handful of recent irritations and hurts come to mind. What are you doing about these? a little voice whispers. How are you responding to those who have mistreated you?… [ read more ]

Obedience and Other Stuff

We humans are a perplexing bunch, don’t you think? We can justify nearly anything we do. Sometimes it starts with the small stuff. Here’s an example: I’m working at my computer in the middle of the afternoon when hunger pangs strike. I satisfy them with a brownie despite knowing that an apple would be a… [ read more ]