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What Makes Believers Different?

Scripture says Jesus’ followers are supposed to be salt and light, right? How does that happen? Here’s my two cents’ worth: God’s presence is the key that sets us apart from the rest of the world. His Holy Spirit lives in us 24/7. If we allow Him full control, then He fills us with peace,… [ read more ]

Insights About Fear and Praise

Yesterday I rode a Gold Wing motorbike for about six hours between Pasco and Snohomish, Washington. I usually cherish riding time because it gives me uninterrupted opportunity to ponder, pray, and praise. But yesterday’s experience was different. I pondered alright, but my thoughts sent me careening down a road shadowed with worry about a situation… [ read more ]

Fear and the Storms of Life

What’s with the fear issue? Seems that’s all I read about when I open my Bible these days. Maybe God’s trying to tell me something, ya think? Yesterday I read about sailors whose ships were tossed to the heavens and plunged to the depths. These men cringed in terror, reeling and staggering like drunks. The… [ read more ]

No Reason to Fear

Watching the evening news can be a scary thing sometimes. We hear reports about the economy rising and falling, stories about children being abducted and assaulted or killed, roadside bombs blowing up soldiers, and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Now we’re seeing an oil spill slither towards the southern U.S. coastline and endangering… [ read more ]

Do it Afraid

Last week I wrote an article based on interview with Cindy Winters. She’s the widow of Fred Winters, a Baptist pastor who died on March 8, 2009, when a stranger entered his church, sauntered down the church aisle, and opened fire on him as he preached. Cindy told me that she used to be a… [ read more ]

Follow the Leader

About two months ago, changing circumstances pointed toward a shift in my ministry focus. That meant investing big bucks in training, doing homework assignments, and experiencing a straight-up learning curve. Believing this shift was God-directed, I took a leap into the big unknown. I’m not sure where or when I’ll land, but I’m okay with… [ read more ]

My Secret to Moving Beyond Fear

Fear is a four-letter word. Imagine the difference if the human race could strike it once-for-all from its vocabulary. Alas – that’s not gonna happen so long as we’re warm and breathing. There’s an enemy prowling about whose desire is to prevent us from being all and experiencing all that God has planned for us…. [ read more ]

God’s ways are soooo not our natural ways. Just look at the contrast… God: be content                           Self: strive for more God: forgive                                  Self: get even God: wait                                        Self: get it now God: give up your  rights         Self: demand them God: surrender                             Self: resist The latter example popped off the page at me this morning as I read Jeremiah… [ read more ]

Take Nehemiah's Advice

I tried to post on Friday, honestly. So there we were, sitting in a hotel parking lot in southern Alberta after a marathon 13-hour drive, trying our best to hook into the wireless (we weren’t patrons there, otherwise we could have hooked up in a room). The scene went something like this: Gene, handing the… [ read more ]

"Go Away, Jesus"

Luke 8:27-37 tells the story of Jesus casting out demons from the man in Gerasenes. A crowd soon heard about the episode and came to see for themselves what had happened. Their response baffles me: “And the whole crowd was afraid…and all the people in that region begged Jesus to go away and leave them… [ read more ]