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Another Way to Find Peace

Some people’s lives look ‘way too much like soap operas. Marriage breakdowns, family feuds, alcoholism, abuse, and crime cause major heartache and devastation for everyone involved. You know what the sad part is? This pain can often be avoided. The secret’s found in Psalm 119:165—“Those who love your instructions have great peace and do not… [ read more ]

Home Again

Having no internet access for nearly two weeks made it impossible for me to journal about our Poland family camp experience in real-life time. Now that I’m home again, I’ll blog for a few days about our experience in retrospect. Perhaps the element that strikes me most is the peoples’ openness toward spiritual things. One… [ read more ]

Ukraine Musings

 We arrived home last evening and jet lag has hit me like a ton of bricks today. I guess that’s part of my occupational hazard! Before I shut ‘er down for the day, I’ll share a few musings about my Ukraine experience. * The Odessa neighborhood in which we stayed reminded me of areas of… [ read more ]

Next Stop — Peronin

Dawn breaks as we clickety-clack from Gorzow to Warsaw. Our train slows to a stop in a station labeled “Krzyz.” The engine’s rumble competes with a voice over a loudspeaker saying something I can’t understand. Hopefully the announcement isn’t something like, “There’s been a last-minute schedule change. All passengers bound for Warsaw must disembark and… [ read more ]