Conntecting the Dots

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3 Signs That We’re Bowing to the Idol of Approval

  As North American believers, we often equate idol worship with bowing before objects made of stone or metal. We visualize it as paying homage to a religious icon that sits on a shelf surrounded by burning candles and incense. With that understanding, we find it impossible, even highly offensive, to think that we might… [ read more ]

When Life Feels Too Busy

Does life sometimes feel ‘way too busy? Every day our families, jobs, volunteer positions, churches, and everyday responsibilities clamor for time and attention. In the midst of these, the unexpected inevitably flares and we’re left wishing our days held more than 24 hours. That’s how I feel for several weeks prior to and immediately following… [ read more ]

God's Nods and Whispers

One of my deepest desires is to discern God’s slightest nods and whispers so I can join Him where He’s at work. That means recognizing and obeying His promptings not only in the big issues of life, but in the day-to-day… “Do you see that lady in blue standing at the grocery checkout? Pray that… [ read more ]