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Does Our Focus Determine Our Future?

The story about the 12 Israelite spies checking out the Promised Land is a familiar one (Numbers 13:17-14:25). Upon their return, they report their findings to Moses and the masses: “We arrived in the land you sent us to see, and it is indeed a magnificent country—a land flowing with milk and honey. Here is… [ read more ]

Wholehearted Minority

What one word best describes your Christian life? For Caleb, the word is wholehearted. It’s used to describe him three times in Joshua 14 (NLT). Verses 7,8 make the first mention: “I was forty years old when Moses, the servant of the LORD, sent me from Kadesh-barnea to explore the land of Canaan. I returned… [ read more ]

I Wanna be Like Caleb!

Caleb is one of my all-time favorite OT characters. When Moses appointed him and 11 other men to spy out the Promised Land, he and Joshua were the only two who came back with a “Let’s go for it!” attitude. The others focused on the challenges and bred fear into the Israelites. As a result,… [ read more ]