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Little Drummer Boy — performed by a very gifted teen

This video made the national news in Canada a couple of weeks ago. When the music finished, a interviewer asked the young man why he put this clip together. He said, “I wasn’t looking for all this attention. I just wanted to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas — Jesus Christ.” Amen to that! Photo… [ read more ]

Revisiting a Romanian Grandma

Last year at the end of our Romanian youth camp, several team members and I strolled through the village where the camp was held. We rounded a corner and discovered a little granny sitting outside her house creating a traditional craft. She had no written pattern to follow. Instead, she was copying an existing creation…. [ read more ]

Living in a Whirlwind

The past three weeks have looked like a whirlwind to me. First, we spent two weeks in Slovakia and Holland. Upon our return to Canada, we were home only 36 hours before I flew to California to attend the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference (fantastic!). I returned home on Wednesday  to find that my daughter-in-law… [ read more ]

Birthday in Romania

After the kids left the camp, our team collected used sheets and towels from each room to help the venue staff, ate lunch and went for a walk through the village. Everyone who lives here is unemployed. Why? Because they all worked at a nearby precious metals mine that closed about five years ago. Nowadays… [ read more ]