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Because You Prayed

I hope to have a heart-to-heart with God when I reach heaven because I have a few questions that need answers. Here’s one: What difference does prayer make if You rule over everything and have established purposes for our lives from before creation? I wrestle with this question occasionally. How can my measly petitions change… [ read more ]

Believers and Blizzards

Journal Entry for Sunday, February 8, 2009 We walked with Helga and Zoli to their church in the morning. Enroute we passed a Catholic church that was formerly a Turkish mosque. Huge and very ornate. A block further we entered their little church – a small, rented, rectangular room overlooking a main street.

The Word "But" Makes All the Difference

Have you ever noticed how the word but makes a massive difference in how a story ends? Here are a few fictional examples:* Megan was going to marry Jim but she changed her mind and married Bob instead.* Leanna was planning to attend university immediately following high school, but she decided to travel overseas instead.*… [ read more ]