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Recipe for Freedom

Several playgrounds are located in the city park near our home. On sunny days they resemble human anthills. It’s interesting to watch these little people as they explore life. Some tots, depending on their personalities, are content to let their parents or caregivers hold their hands as they walk from toy to toy. Others resist,… [ read more ]

Shepherd's Staff — 2

I just read the comment about yesterday’s blog. For anyone not sure about what their “shepherd’s staff” might be, I’d say, “Ask the Lord to show you.” He wants your active participation in building His kingdom, so He would be delighted to show you how to partner with Him. For mothers of little ones, their… [ read more ]

Abe's Attitude

Abraham’s life is soooo inspirational to me. He was nowhere near perfect, but his heart, overall, was bent on knowing God. This morning as I read in Genesis 22, I saw two verses that I’ve not noticed before. That chapter is about Abraham’s infamous test of obedience. He comes through that experience with flying colors…. [ read more ]