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Mother’s Day Musings

Before writing Moving From Fear to Freedom, I conducted a survey of approximately 350 women ages 19-80. According to results, a woman’s #1 fear is the fear for her child’s well-being. One woman said, “I’m not even a mother yet, and already I’m afraid for my child’s safety.” It’s not just concern for their physical… [ read more ]

No Reason to Fear

Watching the evening news can be a scary thing sometimes. We hear reports about the economy rising and falling, stories about children being abducted and assaulted or killed, roadside bombs blowing up soldiers, and natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Now we’re seeing an oil spill slither towards the southern U.S. coastline and endangering… [ read more ]

God’s Curious Methods

Sometimes God’s methods for accomplishing His purposes leave me shaking my head. Gideon’s story is a classic example (Judges 7:1-8:17) God told Gideon to rescue the Israelites from the Midianites. You’d think God, knowing the size of the task, would supernaturally rally the troops and then equip them with the latest in body armor and… [ read more ]

Do it Afraid

Last week I wrote an article based on interview with Cindy Winters. She’s the widow of Fred Winters, a Baptist pastor who died on March 8, 2009, when a stranger entered his church, sauntered down the church aisle, and opened fire on him as he preached. Cindy told me that she used to be a… [ read more ]

World-Changing Women

Hey, what’s the deal? I set this devotional to go out early this morning, and just discovered that it’s still sitting in the box. Sorry to anyone who looked for it earlier today. Anyhow….here it is. What qualities characterize a world-changing woman? If I did a survey, the answers might include, but not be limited… [ read more ]

The Mighty Hero

When I speak about the fear of inadequacy, I often refer to Moses as a prime Scriptural example. But move over, Moses! Make room for your friend Gideon. Judges 6 tells how Gideon was threshing grain in the winepress to avoid being caught by the marauding Midianites when the angel of the Lord appeared to… [ read more ]

An "Aha" Moment

Have you ever had an “aha” moment? You know, a time when something suddenly made sense…something that had perhaps puzzled you until then? This morning I read about Joseph’s “aha” moment and it brought tears to my eyes (Genesis 45:3-9). Imagine how he must have felt when he realized that God Himself had ordained his… [ read more ]