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Birthday in Romania

After the kids left the camp, our team collected used sheets and towels from each room to help the venue staff, ate lunch and went for a walk through the village. Everyone who lives here is unemployed. Why? Because they all worked at a nearby precious metals mine that closed about five years ago. Nowadays… [ read more ]

July 5

Camp seems to be going better than anyone could have anticipated. A big thank-you to everyone who’s praying – we can tell we have prayer backing. The weather is so hot that the glue holding my sandals together has melted! It’s a good thing I brought two pairs along. One will head for the trash… [ read more ]

July 3 — Camp Begins

Our team is staying at a hotel located on the Danube River, and we have internet access! When we look across the river, we see Serbia. ‘Way off in the distance, we see a massive stone fortress built along the water’s edge. Amazing site. Wish I had binoculars, though, so I could see it close… [ read more ]