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Partnering with God for Victory

Do we struggle with the same issues and wonder why we never gain victory over them? Perhaps we’re not doing something we ought.

Voices – Part 2

In the last blog, I wrote about negative voices and how we must choose whether to listen to them or ignore them. Isaiah 36 tells the story of an official Hebrew trio who were driven to despair through an enemy’s threats. When they relayed his words to King Hezekiah, he, too responded with despair. But… [ read more ]

A Prayer for People in Pain

Yesterday was unusual in that bad news arrived three times. One of my friends, a woman I’ve known for 25 years and who ministered with us in Poland this summer, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with leukemia on Monday evening. Then there’s my daughter’s friend whose 2-year-old was diagnosed with the same disease… [ read more ]

Despair vs. Hope

October has been a busy month filled with speaking at retreats and conferences. Everywhere I’ve gone, the same thing has happened – people have told me about their personal struggles or heartaches. This month I’ve heard numerous stories of marriages breaking up for various reasons. I’ve met a couple of young widows whose husbands were… [ read more ]

I've Been Sent To…

It was a busy weekend. Besides speaking three times at a ladies’ conference in Red Deer, Alberta, I’ve had five meetings with long-time friends and individuals who ministered with International Messengers (IM) last summer, and two with pastors who have expressed an interest in future short-term ministry opportunities with IM. This evening my husband and… [ read more ]

New People

In a few months I’ll be interviewing a woman named Diane Nichols for a Power for Living article. She wrote a book titled Prison of My Own: A True Story of Redemption and Forgiveness. I’ve been reading that book this week, and it’s reduced me to tears twice already. I cannot, absolutely cannot fathom the… [ read more ]