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How Does Jesus Want Me to Love Someone Who’s Hurt Me?

  Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived. God in human form, He personified love. With His words, He encouraged His followers to not be afraid. He welcomed children into His presence and spoke blessings over them. He taught truth in story form, speaking a language the common folk could understand.   Jesus demonstrated… [ read more ]

A Prayer for a World Gone Mad

  I’d be amiss today if I blogged about anything but this week’s tragedies. My mind can’t fathom the scope of what’s happened in Orlando. First the mass shooting and then the alligator attack. I find it difficult to even type these words. Something inside me recoils. Everyone’s asking the same questions: Why so many… [ read more ]

How I’m Gaining Victory Over My Weight Issues

  – “Teach me, O LORD, to follow every one of your principles. Give me understanding and I will obey your law; I will put it into practice with all my heart.”   Years ago I attended a workshop about learning styles. The teacher talked about how they affect the way people respond to rules…. [ read more ]

Praising God With Whole Hearts Even in the Hard Places

Last July I sat on my front deck and prayed, “Father, do whatever it takes to cleanse me of me. Get Grace out of the way so You can work freely in and through me. Peel me like an onion if You wish. Have at ‘er. Refine me and purify me so the image of… [ read more ]

Need Life Change? Jesus Christ Can Make That Happen

  I returned last night from a two-week trip to Eastern Europe. What a wonderful opportunity to see God at work in so many places!   During my travels, I spent two days at a care home for abandoned/abused women with children. I also spent time at a ministry that serves children/youth struggling with life-threatening… [ read more ]

Overcoming the Fear of Financial Insecurity

I’ve recently started writing for an online resource for pastors. Their life’s calling doesn’t have a stellar reputation for paying big bucks. As a career missionary, I can totally relate. When I sat down to write my latest piece, I figured I’d write a personal anecdote in hopes that it would inspire pastors to hang in… [ read more ]

What does Childlike Faith in God Look Like?

I spent the weekend hosting our ministry booth at Missions Fest Vancouver for the ninth consecutive year. Missions Fest is an amazing event—the largest annual three-day conference of its kind in North America. Thousands of people attend the plenary sessions, workshops, and exhibition hall.   Many of these folks cruise the aisles in the exhibition… [ read more ]

How to Avoid Making Misperceptions About Others

Have you ever had a wrong perception of someone? I have. A couple of years ago while speaking at an Eastern European woman’s event, I met an elderly woman who seemed aloof. To my fault, I made no effort to get to know her.   Halfway through the weekend, one of the attendees asked me… [ read more ]

3 Signs That We’re Bowing to the Idol of Approval

  As North American believers, we often equate idol worship with bowing before objects made of stone or metal. We visualize it as paying homage to a religious icon that sits on a shelf surrounded by burning candles and incense. With that understanding, we find it impossible, even highly offensive, to think that we might… [ read more ]

Jesus Cares About Details and Dimes

  Sometimes, as Christians, we bog down in theology. Not that theology isn’t important—it is. But sometimes we allow the academics of faith to override personal relationship with the One in whom our faith rests. Spiritual disciplines then become dry and routine, and we lose the sense of delight and awe that ought to accompany… [ read more ]