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What Do You Expect?

  This morning at the gym I overhead two young women talking. One of them complained of a sore shoulder. She said she’d gone to a massage therapist for treatment but it hadn’t helped. “Oh well,” she said with a shrug. “I didn’t really expect the massage to do anything anyway.”   Sometimes it seems… [ read more ]

How We Unwittingly Boss God

“Please, God—my daughter needs a job. Give her a job within her area of training, and do it this week. “   I sealed my request with a hearty “thank you in advance” and a holy amen. And then the thought occurred to me, What if God is doing something new in my daughter’s life… [ read more ]

A New Take on Prayer

I’ve heard sermons and read books about prayer. I’ve taught workshops about it. I’ve even led prayer groups. And still I’m learning.   This year, I believe, God wants to take me deeper into this topic, teaching and growing me in my understanding of what prayer is and how it connects my heart with His…. [ read more ]

Praying an Impossible Prayer

  Have you ever faced a challenge so big that you knew resolving it would require a miracle, at least according to human perspective?   That’s where I’m at right now. My husband and I lost our ministry’s office space last August. Since then, he’s worked at his desk in our basement as he did… [ read more ]

God Hears Our Prayers

Before we left for Romania, a friend of mine gave me several Scriptures written on recipe cards. “Maybe read one a day and repeat them if you like. They are given with much love and prayers,” she wrote on an attached note.   What a thoughtful bon voyage gift! The ones I’ve read have already… [ read more ]

God Shows Up in the Details at Heathrow Airport

In last Friday’s blog, I mentioned a myriad of concerns on my mind that week. One of them mentioned an upcoming trip to Eastern Europe. I wrote this:   Think about boarding a Boeing 747 next week and flying to London enroute to Hungary and eventually Slovakia. I’m responsible for taking a 38-year-old single mom… [ read more ]