Conntecting the Dots

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Choosing to Not Think About Negative Things

Oh, how easy it is to focus on negative stuff: We regurgitate conversations that irked us. We worry about the “what-ifs.” We get stuck in “if-only.” We anticipate the worst outcome rather than expect the best. And then we wonder why we lack joy and peace.   Earlier today a friend and I walked a… [ read more ]


Today’s society puts ‘way too much emphasis on perfect skin, don’t you think? You’ve gotta be blemish-free to be beautiful, so you’d better take out a loan and start collecting soaps, creams, and concealers. I remember my terrible teens—those days when my skin broke out and declared itself my personal foe. I spent all my… [ read more ]

Pray First; Act Later

What’s your usual response when faced with major decisions? Do you rush ahead or do you take a moment to ask God for direction? I’ve love to say that my usual response is the latter but that wouldn’t be totally true. All too often I’ve rushed forward only to regret not seeking God first. In one case,… [ read more ]

My Secret to Moving Beyond Fear

Fear is a four-letter word. Imagine the difference if the human race could strike it once-for-all from its vocabulary. Alas – that’s not gonna happen so long as we’re warm and breathing. There’s an enemy prowling about whose desire is to prevent us from being all and experiencing all that God has planned for us…. [ read more ]