Conntecting the Dots

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Prayer or Action

As believers, we’re told to pray about everything. And rightfully so. It keeps us in tune with God. It builds our friendship with Him, and it acknowledges our dependency upon Him. But in some cases, we’re called to do more than pray. We’re called to get up and do something about whatever the problem is…. [ read more ]

The Illogical Path

(I’m at Missions Fest Alberta in Edmonton today through Sunday. Join my workshop on Saturday at 1:30 or stop by our International Messengers booth and introduce yourself!) I admit it – sometimes I just don’t understand God. Why does He drop detours in my path when I’m trying to travel from Point A to Point… [ read more ]


Several days ago, Canadian mogul skiier Alexandre Bilodeau landed the first Olympic gold medal earned on home turf. Canucks nearly went wild, cheering and clapping and crying when his score was announced. It’s been great fun to celebrate this young athlete’s success.   The word celebrate is mentioned several times in Exodus 13. In one… [ read more ]