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When God’s Orders Don’t Make Sense

Sometimes God tells us to do things that don’t make sense.   He told Noah to build an ark. I can hear Noah now: “An ark? Okay. Uh—what’s an ark?”   He told Gideon to whittle his army down until only 300 men remained. Imagine a modern-day, real-life general discussing that strategy with his officers…. [ read more ]

2 Essentials of True Friendship

What does true friendship look like? Here are two essentials, as seen in Moses and Jethro’s relationship: True Friendships Provide a Safe Place to Share Struggles and Successes Some relationships allow the freedom to share successes. Others don’t. Why? Because one individual’s insecurities breed jealousy upon hearing about the other’s achievements. Those insecurities might also… [ read more ]

Moses, Miracles, and God’s Mind-Boggling Methods

Sometimes God’s methods leave me scratching my head. Take Moses’ story, for example. The Hebrews had been held in slavery in Egypt for hundreds of years. One day, God decided enough was enough. He could have simply said the words, “Let my people go,” and softened Pharaoh’s heart to say, “Sure thing, God.” Instead, He… [ read more ]

The Mind of a Champion

How many of you have ever waffled between feeling like a champion and a loser? I have. It happened again the other day. My publisher informed me that Moving From Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation is going into another print run this month. They even put a new cover… [ read more ]

Stand Still or Take Action?

My daily Bible reading gives me so many gems that it’s difficult to pick and choose which ones to blog about! Truth be told, one day’s reading sometimes provides enough material for three or four blogs. That’s what happened with yesterday’s passages. Yesterday I read about the Israelites panicking when they saw Pharaoh’s army approaching…. [ read more ]