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Why the Fear of the Lord is a Good Thing

  One of the prayers I prayed for my kids when they were young sounded something like this: “Heavenly Father, please teach my children to fear You.”   Fearing God didn’t mean they’d be afraid of Him. It meant they’d develop deep reverence for Him. I figured that proper respect for Him as a holy,… [ read more ]

A Healthy Church

What’s the secret to optimum spiritual health in the lives of individual believers and ultimately the Church? It’s simple, really. Optimum spiritual health both individually and corporately happens when we live in the fear of the Lord. What does that mean? It means we possess a reverential awe for who God is – holy, compassionate,… [ read more ]

Rebekah the Cunning

Rebekah may have been gorgeous on the outside, but her inside could have used a makeover. Genesis 27 reads like a soap opera as it tells the tale of her deceit. First, she plays favorites with her son Jacob, convincing him to lie to his father to receive his brother’s blessing. As if her own… [ read more ]