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Breaking Free From Strongholds

I was about five years old when my family moved to a new house in a neighborhood under construction. Big trucks and heavy machinery roared up and down our street every day for months, churning the unpaved road into a mucky mess.   One day I donned my rubber boots and attempted to cross the… [ read more ]

The Lord Helps Us: A Basic but Life-Changing Truth

  Earlier this week I listened to an interview on Focus on the Family. The guest told of her husband suddenly becoming ill and passing away within 24 hours. She not only became a 31-year-old widow, but she also became a single mom with two preschool boys. She spoke about how God had prepared her… [ read more ]

3 Things We Can Do To Respond to Challenges Appropriately

Do you have Bible heroes? I do. Queen Esther is one of mine.   Imagine this teenage girl who’d already experienced so much trauma being marked for death simply because she was Jewish. And now Esther faced her greatest challenge to date—approaching the king uninvited to plead for her nation’s life.   Esther knew she… [ read more ]

A Prayer for our Hurting World

  It’s ironic, isn’t it? The same weekend that celebrates freedom and independence for both Canada and the United States comes after a horrific series of terrorist attacks around the world. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though Satan is ramping up his efforts to steal, kill, and destroy. A couple of… [ read more ]

Be Encouraged — God Holds Your Hand

  When my kids were preschoolers, I often took them for walks around the neighborhood. At that time, our house was located on a road with a 50 mph speed limit. Cars, trucks, motorbikes, and school buses sped past all day.   There literally was no safe place to walk on our side of the road…. [ read more ]

A Prayer for a World Gone Mad

  I’d be amiss today if I blogged about anything but this week’s tragedies. My mind can’t fathom the scope of what’s happened in Orlando. First the mass shooting and then the alligator attack. I find it difficult to even type these words. Something inside me recoils. Everyone’s asking the same questions: Why so many… [ read more ]

How Has Fear Impacted Your Life?

  True or false: Fear lies at the root of many of our behaviors.   If you said, “True,” then you’re right.   I remember, as a young mom, trying to keep my house immaculate. Why? Because I wanted people to think well of me (translation: I feared they might think I wasn’t perfect).  … [ read more ]

The Good News About Doing Battle

  Life being what it is, the list of battles we face seems endless. Here are a few examples:   Financial strain/unemployment Relationship issues Health, weight, food addictions or eating disorders Grief Disappointment over unfulfilled expectations Fear Sorting and setting priorities when so many things demand our time and attention A sense of helplessness when… [ read more ]

Overcoming the Fear of Financial Insecurity

I’ve recently started writing for an online resource for pastors. Their life’s calling doesn’t have a stellar reputation for paying big bucks. As a career missionary, I can totally relate. When I sat down to write my latest piece, I figured I’d write a personal anecdote in hopes that it would inspire pastors to hang in… [ read more ]

3 Signs That We’re Bowing to the Idol of Approval

  As North American believers, we often equate idol worship with bowing before objects made of stone or metal. We visualize it as paying homage to a religious icon that sits on a shelf surrounded by burning candles and incense. With that understanding, we find it impossible, even highly offensive, to think that we might… [ read more ]