Conntecting the Dots

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Hurting? Afraid? Take Heart–God Knows Where You Are

  I’ve felt as though I’ve been under a spiritual siege since July. Interestingly, it all started when I began preparing material to teach at our missionary training centre in the Middle East. (I’m limited in what I can say here, but I ask for your prayers for this trip September 28-October 9).   Throughout… [ read more ]

Finding Hope When Facing a Need

How many of you have ever faced a need? I’m talking about a need for concrete things such as financial resources, housing, winter jackets or school supplies for your kids, and transportation. I’m also talking about abstract things such as wisdom, creativity, and peace.   I mention the specifics above because I’ve experienced all of… [ read more ]

Stand Still or Take Action?

My daily Bible reading gives me so many gems that it’s difficult to pick and choose which ones to blog about! Truth be told, one day’s reading sometimes provides enough material for three or four blogs. That’s what happened with yesterday’s passages. Yesterday I read about the Israelites panicking when they saw Pharaoh’s army approaching…. [ read more ]

Test Time

Tests make me nervous. In fact, I remember lying in fourth grade to skip writing a math test. I’d been sick at home for several days prior, and on the day of my return to school, the teacher plunked a math test on my desk. I took one look at it, felt the fear of… [ read more ]