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In a Safe Place

  My family owned three pets for a short stretch during my childhood: a budgie, a black Siamese cat, and a Heinz-57 dog. The dog and cat pretty much ignored each other, but the cat and the bird—that was a different story. We kept constant vigil on the bird cage, shooing the feline away whenever… [ read more ]

One Woman’s Story of Ashes to Beauty

A year ago a woman named Beckie invited herself to my home for coffee. We’d met about 15 months prior when I spoke at her church’s women’s retreat. She led the women’s ministry then, and I felt an instant connection with her as we visited.   Beckie told me her very painful story that weekend…. [ read more ]

Why Praise is Like an Oxygen Mask

I travel often by airplane. On every trip I hear the same message: “In the event of an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop down before you. Put it over your nose and pull the elastic strap around the back of your head and then tighten. Oxygen will then flow.”   Today I’m donning my… [ read more ]

Be Encouraged — God’s Got Your Back!

Happy. Sad. Good. Bad Up. Down. Smile. Frown. Which of the above words describe your week? For most of us, it’s been a mix. Best-laid plans disintegrate when illness or unexpected expenses strike, and hopes are dashed when expectations prove false. Fear of uncertainty can grip us. As my husband and I teach in missionary… [ read more ]