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How Can We Avoid the Comparison Trap?

  Do you wrestle with comparing yourself to other people? I do. I face the battle on several fronts:   As an author, I occasionally check my book ratings on Amazon. If they’re higher than other titles on similar themes, then I’m tempted to feel pretty good about myself. If they’re significantly lower, I’m tempted… [ read more ]

A Prayer for Focus

  Do you sometimes feel as though you’re being pulled a gazillion different directions? If so, you’re not alone!   People cry for our attention. Work responsibilities and household chores call us. Social media clamors for our participation. Noise of every description invades our space. Sometimes it’s downright difficult to keep focused on what matters… [ read more ]

Does Our Focus Determine Our Future?

The story about the 12 Israelite spies checking out the Promised Land is a familiar one (Numbers 13:17-14:25). Upon their return, they report their findings to Moses and the masses: “We arrived in the land you sent us to see, and it is indeed a magnificent country—a land flowing with milk and honey. Here is… [ read more ]

A Spiritual Solution for Sleeplessness

What thoughts run through your mind when you can’t sleep at night? If you’re like me, your imagination probably tends to fall into one or more of these categories: The next day’s to-do list. My family’s well-being. A difficult relationship. Regrets about something I said or did in the past. Plans for accomplishing a particular… [ read more ]

Why Praise Empowers Us In Hard Times

Everyone responds differently when life takes a significant detour.   Some folks complain or grow bitter. Others withdraw. Some look for the cloud’s silver lining. Others learn from their circumstances and then use their life lessons to help others in similar situations.   What’s the determining factor in whether or not we respond well to… [ read more ]

Doing versus Being

Do you feel the tension between doing and being? I do.