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The Secret to Forgiving Someone Who Hurts Us

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your ability to forgive someone who’s wronged you? The lower end of the scale represents, “Forgive? Are you kidding me? He/she doesn’t deserve forgiveness!” The upper end represents, “Forgive? Sure, no problem. Anytime.” I probably fall somewhere in the middle, although honesty (and my… [ read more ]

How Jesus Removes the Stain of our Sin

Sometimes our failures and mistakes blot our heart’s history like stains on a comfy shirt. We try hard to forget or remove them but nothing works. And so we go through life carrying a burden of shame, or we ask forgiveness over and over and over again. I address that issue in Moving From Fear… [ read more ]

The Principle of Accountability

The principle of accountability changed my life. I still remember the day someone explained it to me as I grieved my broken engagement. “The way your fiancé has treated you is wrong,” said one of my professors. “God will hold him accountable for his attitude and actions.” His words filled me with a sense of… [ read more ]

A Good Forgetter

It happened again this morning. While sorting and filing papers, I suddenly thought of an item to be added to my shopping list. Write it down as soon as you finish your task, I told myself. Two minutes later, task complete, I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my shopping list is posted on the… [ read more ]