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The Truth About Trying to Hide Sin

    I began eating in secret when I was about six years old. My dad brought home a stash of chocolate bars and little bags of potato chips from a restaurant where he’d done some electrical work. The restaurant owner was doing a remodel job and needed to clear out his storage room, so… [ read more ]

3 Reasons for Christ-Followers to Celebrate

  This week was my grandson Micah’s second birthday, and we celebrated his special day with cupcakes, gifts, and a hearty round of “Happy Birthday to You.”   Birthdays call for a celebration. So do weddings, anniversaries, job promotions, and the achievement of long-sought-after goals. One can never find too many reasons to throw a… [ read more ]

Happiness — Another Thought

This will be short and sweet, I hope, because I need to take a nap! I just pulled a red-eye flight from Abbotsford to Toronto for a Girls Night Out event in Oshawa tonight, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a semi-trailer. My scheduled flight was canceled due to maintenance problems, and an… [ read more ]


Ask a dozen people what brings true happiness and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers. Here are a few common replies: Financial security Physical health Family harmony Grandkids Having a job that you really enjoy World peace Add your answer! There’s no problem with experiencing happiness with any or all of the above, but… [ read more ]