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How to Respond Amidst Life’s Little Annoyances

How do we respond when life’s little annoyances crop up?   For the past week, I haven’t been able to log into my Facebook account on my laptop. That means responding to comments and posting my blog using my phone. I can manage the former, but doing the latter requires a learning curve, time, and… [ read more ]

When We Feel Like Whining

  Some of you have followed my saga on my FB timeline. Our boat’s furnace died nine days ago, and we’ve been living without heat (apart from two little space heaters) since. If we were in the South Pacific, that wouldn’t matter! But living in Vancouver’s damp winter cold is another story.   And then… [ read more ]

For What Are You Grateful Today?

  Do you ever experience days when your heart feels full to overflowing with gratitude to God? I hope so! Today is one of those days for me.   Here’s a list of the things for which I’m grateful: For the privilege of attending our annual mission staff conference in Budapest last week. This allowed… [ read more ]

Insights from the ER

It’s Monday. We’re in the ER. This isn’t how I’d planned to spend my time.

My Secret to Dealing with the Day's Stress

How many of you feel pressure or stress right now? I do. May turned out to be maintenance month for physical health, it seems. This week held a treadmill stress test for my heart, blood tests, two physio appointments, and a doctor’s follow-up appointment. These tests resulted in my being scheduled for a cat-scan and… [ read more ]