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3 Words That Change Everything

  We might be facing difficult circumstances today, but three words put a hopeful spin on them. The Israelites experienced the power of these words more than once. On one occasion, they were badly frightened upon learning that the Philistines were approaching to attack them. Here’s what the Bible says about this scenario. Can you… [ read more ]

God Cares About Details–Even House Paint

And so our house saga continues…   Two weeks ago, while attending an open house for a missionary on home assignment, we met a retired pastor. Turns out we have a lot in common: He and I worked on staff at the same Bible college for a few months in the early 80s. (Our paths… [ read more ]

God’s All About Newness

  Those of us living in southern British Columbia are seeing cherry trees bloom already. Purple crocuses and sunshine-yellow daffodils have blossomed. Even rhododendrons have flowered. Spring has arrived, and with it comes new life, new beginnings, new hope.   Creation itself reminds us that God is all about newness. And heaven knows we need… [ read more ]

Does God Really Hear and Answer Us When We Pray?

Some people would read this question and say, “Absolutely!” Others would shake their heads: “No. Prayer doesn’t work. Why waste the energy?”   I fall into the former category. I believe God hears and answers prayer, but I also think His readiness to do so in the affirmative is dependent upon the things for which… [ read more ]