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God Does Not Break His Promises

We live in a society where talk is cheap:   Marriage vows are made and broken. Parents promise their kids that they’ll do something special with them later, but later never comes. Employers promise more hours with better pay but fail to follow through. Product manufacturers guarantee a warranty, but fine print negates it. Tenants… [ read more ]

Give God a Shout-Out!

Take a moment to read Psalm 40 this weekend. You’ll find it packed with promises and proof of God’s care for His children. You’ll also find it filled with challenges to speak up for God, to shout out the good news, and to tell of His faithfulness. “I have told all your people about your… [ read more ]

Remembering Your Journey

Where has life’s journey taken you? Undoubtedly your path has led to a few mountaintops and through a few valleys. In some cases, it’s probably taken an unexpected detour or two – some delightful, others not. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, can you identify places along your journey where God has proven Himself… [ read more ]

Armor for the Mind

It’s nearly 2 a.m. Friday morning as I write this. I’m babysitting at my son’s house because he took his wife to the ER a couple of hours ago. Poor thing – she’s as sick as she’s ever been with a high fever, body aches, and chills. I must admit that I’m trying hard not… [ read more ]

Far More Awesome

Awesome is a popular but somewhat under-rated word in today’s vocabulary. Here are a few examples… Q: “How’s your latte?” A: “Mmmm…awesome!” “Wow – I love the highlights in your hair. You look awesome!” “Your kids are so awesome.” “She’s an awesome teacher.” Sound familiar? I’ll bet we use the word more times than we… [ read more ]

God Controls Every Detail

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 19 (cont.)  Today is my eldest daughter’s 24th birthday. I remember all my kids’ actual birth days with clarity, and I treasure those memories. But this one held huge significance because her arrival changed the direction of our lives. We were living in Nepal and planned on being career missionaries… [ read more ]