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A Hard Heart? Who—Me?

  The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. During that time, they saw God perform numerous miracles on their behalf. Imagine witnessing manna fall from heaven every morning, water gush from rocks upon command, and the Red Sea part to reveal dry land.   You’d think witnessing incredible acts of God would have… [ read more ]

Forgiveness and God’s Extravagant Grace

  What’s a typical response when someone hurts us?   Perhaps we’re prone to defend ourselves. Maybe we’re tempted to avoid that person for a long time or to retaliate by saying unkind things about him to others. Maybe we establish walls to keep that person out lest he hurt us again.   As Easter… [ read more ]

Second Chances

 As a writer who interviews people from many different backgrounds, I find it fascinating to see how God grants second chances. One fellow – a former police officer – told me how he’d run into major financial problems and tried to solve them by robbing banks. He was caught, spent time in prison, and lost… [ read more ]