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A Prayer for Today

  What are your plans for today? I’m flying to Eugene, Oregon to speak at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference tomorrow. My husband will drop me off at the Bellingham airport early so he can spend the afternoon dealing with details surrounding our summer ministry trips.   Perhaps your day will be filled with caring… [ read more ]

The Good News About Doing Battle

  Life being what it is, the list of battles we face seems endless. Here are a few examples:   Financial strain/unemployment Relationship issues Health, weight, food addictions or eating disorders Grief Disappointment over unfulfilled expectations Fear Sorting and setting priorities when so many things demand our time and attention A sense of helplessness when… [ read more ]

A Life-Changing Lesson Learned Through a Child

Little people teach me much about spiritual truths. Here’s one example: On a recent outing, my two-year-old grandson Micah grew frightened by a wasp that hovered too close. He ran to me and climbed into my lap. I wrapped my arms around him, and he clung to me. There he felt safe because he knew… [ read more ]