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Make Up Your Mind

I love, love, love how God’s Word shows me something new every time I read it. So here’s the latest new nugget. It’s from —”But Daniel made up his mind not to defile himself by eating the food and wine given to them by the king. He asked the chief official for permission to eat… [ read more ]

What’s the Litmus Test of our Love for God?

  You’ve probably heard the phrase Talk is cheap. We can make as many plans and promises as we wish, but our words mean little unless we back them up with appropriate action.   What does this look like in everyday life? Here are a few examples:   An adult child who lives in the… [ read more ]

My One Word for 2017

Several years ago I began the tradition of choosing one special word at the start of a new year. Actually, it’s not so much about me choosing the word—it’s the word I believe God gives me.   One year the word was “joy.” Oh my—I learned a lot about counting difficult experiences as opportunities for… [ read more ]

Things to Remember When We’re Tempted to Complain

  So I spent last week teaching at a conference attended by the most loving, passionate people I’ve ever met. Some of these folks traveled four days by bus—one way—to learn and to enjoy fellowship with others of like mind.   I’ve traveled by bus here too. Believe me—it’s not a pleasure ride. Let me… [ read more ]

Reflections From Nepal

I’m sitting in a friend’s living room—in Kathmandu, Nepal—as I write this. On the wall opposite the couch is a quilted wall hanging made by her mother. It features four Scripture verses, the first being “We walk by faith, not by sight” (). This verse is a great summary statement of the Christian faith, for… [ read more ]

Where Do You Get The Strength To Do What You Do?

As you read this, I’ll be landing in Kathmandu. It will have been a long trip—fourteen hours from Vancouver to Hong Kong, an eleven hour layover, and then four hours to Nepal. You can bet that, as you ramp up your day, I’ll be falling into bed eager for deep sleep.   Only eighteen days… [ read more ]

Why Does Love Matter?

  Have you ever met someone who, by society’s standards, seemed successful in every way? Attractive, talented, financially established. Livin’ the dream.   Everything looked impressive on the outside for awhile, but then the truth came out—his or her personal life was a shambles. So were relationships at work.   Although everything seemed stacked in… [ read more ]

3 Things We Can Do To Respond to Challenges Appropriately

Do you have Bible heroes? I do. Queen Esther is one of mine.   Imagine this teenage girl who’d already experienced so much trauma being marked for death simply because she was Jewish. And now Esther faced her greatest challenge to date—approaching the king uninvited to plead for her nation’s life.   Esther knew she… [ read more ]

How God’s Listening Skills Differ From Ours

Listening well is a skill. How easy it is, when in the middle of a conversation, to allow our focus to be drawn other places. Know what I mean?   Our cell phone rings or beeps a text message. We can’t ignore it. After all, it might be an emergency!   Our mental to-do list… [ read more ]

Finding Help and Strength When We’re Feeling Tired or Afraid

So how’s your summer been? Have you had a chance to throw off your usual schedule for a chance to rest and play? I hope so. Rest and play do a body and brain good.   For me, the past four weeks have given me a gift—the opportunity to experience God’s help in new ways. First,… [ read more ]