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3 Lessons Learned from an Isolated Woman

  Here we sit, in self-isolation. Saying that some people find this challenging is an understatement. Other folks, however, consider this a respite of sorts. I fall into that category. I’m grateful for the opportunity to catch up and catch my breath. Into which category do you fall?   I’ve been thinking about a young… [ read more ]

3 Encouragements for Those who Feel Like a Little Bird With a Broken Wing

I spent the weekend in Alberta speaking at a retreat for the Parkland Zone Lutheran Women’s Missionary League. They’d chosen “SOAR!”— one of my favorite packages—as their theme. “SOAR!” is based on . “O Israel, how can you say the LORD does not see your troubles? How can you say God refuses to hear your case?… [ read more ]

God Sees Me: Lessons Learned in Nepal

In my last blog I wrote about Hagar and her encounter with God at a time when she felt abandoned and afraid. As a result of that experience, she thereafter referred to Him as “the God who sees me” ().   Years ago I, too, had an experience that carved on my heart the same life-changing… [ read more ]

Finding Encouragement in Knowing God Sees Us

Hagar—Sarai’s servant—holds a special place in my heart. Treated more like a piece of property than a woman of worth, she experienced a most amazing encounter with God at a time when she felt overwhelmed and underappreciated.   Genesis 16 tells us that—kudos to Sarai—Hagar had become pregnant with Abram’s child. That led to no… [ read more ]

How I Know God is Near

Several days ago my husband and I decided to spend an afternoon hiking. We were still recovering from jetlag, and we felt we’d benefit by setting aside ministry and office work for a few hours in lieu of fresh air and exercise. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and drove a half hour… [ read more ]

What Does It Mean That God Pursues Us?

  An interesting question came up recently in our small group: “What do you perceive God to be like?”   Varied answers followed: “He’s a provider.” “He feels distant.” “He’s faithful.” “He’s loving.”   Then came this response: “He’s a God who pursues us.” While other world religions leave mankind believing we must pursue God… [ read more ]

Hagar's Plight

At Missions Fest Edmonton in February, I’ll be teaching a workshop called “The Plight of Women in the World.” While preparing my material, I’ve read some stories that are enough to make one’s hair turn grey. It’s difficult to fathom the evil of mankind’s heart. My life is shamefully easy compared to millions of other… [ read more ]