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The Lord is Like a Father – What Does That Mean to You?

What comes to your mind when you hear that God is like a father to us? Some folks cringe at the thought because their fathers abandoned them. Or beat them. Their fathers drank themselves into oblivion and then climbed into the driver’s seat. Or lay sprawled on the living room sofa, beer in one hand… [ read more ]

A Loving Daddy

A most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. It began in the morning as I prepared for the last session of a women’s retreat where I was the speaker.  Suddenly one word popped into my mind: Daddy. I sensed instantly that God had spoken, but what was He trying to tell me? He couldn’t be… [ read more ]

Love Tank

 I’m holed up in a university dormitory in Gdansk, Poland, as I write this. Am refining a parenting workshop about the five love languages, based on Gary Chapman’s book by that title. The premise of the workshop is that God has created us with an inner “love tank” that longs to be filled. As parents,… [ read more ]