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Hope Amidst the Darkness

Inky blackness was the only thing visible when I looked out my window early this morning. Two hours later, the darkness began a silent transformation. Slowly, slowly the black morphed to blue, and as it did, the outline of the fir trees outside became visible. Within minutes, I could see the hill facing the condo… [ read more ]

Finding Hope in Life’s Hard Places

  I hear several heart-breaking stories every time I speak at a women’s retreat or conference. I suspect it will happen again this weekend.   Inevitably someone will tell me that her husband either views pornography, has admitted to having an affair, or has left her and their children. Others will speak of loss, perhaps… [ read more ]

Heaven is Our Hope

When the phone rings during the night or too early in the morning, chances are good that the caller bears sad news. Such was the case yesterday morning.   The caller was my mom, and she told me that Aunt Louise—one of my dad’s younger sisters and the woman whose name my parents adopted as… [ read more ]

Life’s Unsure but There’s Hope!

Daffodils, tulips, and rhododendrons are blooming in my neighborhood. Rain or shine, I enjoy walking around the block or the nearby city park, admiring the profusion of color—yellow, purple, pink, and red. I always snap a few photos because, unfortunately, these flowers come and go far too fast for my liking.    Over the past… [ read more ]

A Promise for Those in Painful Circumstances

Sometimes I wonder how much more pain the world can tolerate.    I’ve been following the mystery of the missing Malaysian airliner and praying for the families and friends experiencing an emotional rollercoaster that twists and spirals with every new bit of information received. I’ve also been praying for the Ukrainians whose future and freedoms… [ read more ]

Our Perspective Toward Pain Matters

Perspective is everything, I believe—especially after reading Jesus’ words to His disciples found in Mark 13:9. He told them about the tough stuff they’d face for being His followers, and then He finished with the most amazing perspective. Here—read it for yourself:   “When these things begin to happen, watch out! You will be handed… [ read more ]

Heaven is Real — So What?

Heaven is real. What difference does that knowledge make to us today, when we’re struggling to raise kids and pay bills?