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Playing Hide-and-Seek with God

  Sailor-Man and I recently babysat our one-year-old granddaughter Lexi. She loves playing hide-and-seek. It delighted her when I tossed a towel over her head and asked, “Where’s Lexi?”   Adam and Eve played a game of hide-and-seek with God, but it was no laughing matter. They’d disobeyed God when they ate fruit from the… [ read more ]

Pressing Pause in the Presence of God

Sometimes, in the midst of our rush-rush lives, we do well to press pause and do nothing but sit for a few quiet minutes in the presence of Almighty God.   To reflect on His unfailing love.   To bask in His presence and listen for His voice.   To shut the world out and… [ read more ]

How Can We Have a Relationship With God?

I have a relationship with God, the creator of every living thing. He’s my friend, my strength, my provider, my guide, and my teacher. I can’t imagine life without Him. He gives me purpose, peace, hope, and courage to face whatever comes my way. Do you have a relationship with God, too? If so, that’s… [ read more ]