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A New Take on Prayer

I’ve heard sermons and read books about prayer. I’ve taught workshops about it. I’ve even led prayer groups. And still I’m learning.   This year, I believe, God wants to take me deeper into this topic, teaching and growing me in my understanding of what prayer is and how it connects my heart with His…. [ read more ]

Does God Really Hear and Answer Us When We Pray?

Some people would read this question and say, “Absolutely!” Others would shake their heads: “No. Prayer doesn’t work. Why waste the energy?”   I fall into the former category. I believe God hears and answers prayer, but I also think His readiness to do so in the affirmative is dependent upon the things for which… [ read more ]

How to Move Your Mountain

Sixteen days on the road make me very appreciative of my little house and the ability to return to my usual routine. And so, this morning found me back on my favorite loveseat with Bible, journal, and coffee in hand—after doing a 6 AM radio interview for a station in Michigan, that is!   This… [ read more ]